Due to Covid-19 restrictions we are currently not taking bookings larger than 8.

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Please note: Bookings less than 6 hours will need to call the restaurant (02 4984 9420) to book.

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Allergies & Dietary Requirements

Little Beach Boathouse strives to meet all the needs of our customers, including those with allergies or requiring special diets. Please make sure you make a note in your online booking if you have any allergies or dietary requirements so that we can ensure the Chef can meet your needs. Unfortunately, due to the fact that our delicious meals are prepared and cooked in kitchens that use many different ingredients, we can never 100% guarantee that traces of some allergens will not be present in your meal. While we make all efforts to use utmost care when preparing and cooking meals for those with specific dietary requirements, guests with severe anaphylactic allergies or coeliac disease need to make their own risk assessment when dining with us. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your allergy or dietary requirements please contact us on 02 4984 9420 or email