A Few Tips To Save You Money……

and still have the wedding of your dreams!

Weddings Cost Money. There’s no getting away from it. And like most things these days, the cost is on the rise. But don’t panic, here are a few simple ways to keep the spend down and the wow factor up.

Rule Number 1, More Guests = More Money

There is no magic formula and this is instrumental in saving you money. The fact is, cutting down your guest list can save you thousands. Say sorry to Aunty Jean and start crossing names off.

You will need less

  • Food
  • Alcohol
  • Chairs
  • Menus
  • Place cards
  • Centre pieces
  • Transport
  • Bonbonnieres
  • Money

It makes sense, right?

Keep Your Bridal Party Small

Choosing one unique person to stand next to you on this special day, rather than including all your besties will save you in the long run, believe me. Approach this arrangement like it’s a favour, lay out the expectations upfront of where the responsibilities for expenses lie. That way, your chosen one can make an informed decision and you don’t get left with the bill for everything.


Call in the favours and dive deep into your creativity and your bank balance will be rewarded.

This one has the potential to save you a fortune.

Head to the flower markets and try your hand at flower arranging. Keeping bouquets and centre pieces unstructured, whilst sticking to white blooms and greenery will be more forgiving for the novice.

Ever heard of Canva? This clever website will be your best friend for all things stationary and digital design. Go to www.canva.com and start playing around so when it counts you will be an expert.

Naked cakes are all the rage and dressed with fresh flowers they look amazing. If you have someone you trust with the task it’s a much easier style to master than the old traditional marzipan icing.

Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress

If you can manage to find a dress off the rack it will definitely save you time and money. Try shopping in boutiques that don’t mention the words “Bridal Gown”. You will be surprised at how many dress shops stock gowns that would make beautiful wedding dresses. Better still, there are plenty of second hand dress shops out there for bridal gowns. For a dress you will probably only wear once, this is a smart idea. Try Upcycled Bride.com or Pre Owned Wedding Dresses.com

A Midweek Wedding

I see this all the time and it’s such an easy way to save money. From accommodation to celebrants to entertainment, discounts are there for the taking. It makes sense that popularity turns Saturdays into the most expensive day of the week. But your guests love you, they will attend your wedding on a Monday and they will probably love you more for it. Everyone loves a long weekend.

Let The Venue Be The Hero

Choosing a venue that speaks for itself is a smart move for your reception. This is where you and your guests will spend most of your time so, it makes sense to let the venue be the hero. An amazing view and fresh simple design can speak for itself, no touch ups required. Anyone need a recommendation, I hear there’s a great place at Little Beach?

Ask The Awkward Question

Don’t be scared to ask the question, “how can we save money?” Whether it’s the suits, styling, catering or venue, ask the experts for advice.

Remember this day is meant to be about a celebration of your love for each other. Sticking within your budget will make the memories so much sweeter.

Katie x