……not to mention your relationship

There is nothing like money to blow everything good in the world out of the water!

Don’t let YOUR wedding journey be one of stress and anxiety. You want to look back at this time of your life with fond memories and smiles.

Let’s Make It Simple

My advice would be…..don’t get hooked up on pie charts and budget graphs, just grab a piece of paper and a pen and write down three headings

  • Splurge items
  • I’m not fussed
  • Things I can do myself

If you have dreamed all your life of that designer princess gown, then that’s a definite Splurge item. Just because your bestie spent $3000.00 on flowers for her wedding, doesn’t mean that’s for you.

DIY For The Creative

DIY can be an option for the creative. Maybe you are tech savvy with a good eye for design, so why not try making your own invitations!

For some it’s the food and wine that rate high on their list. For others it’s all about the look and feel of the day…the styling and decorations.

Spend Your Budget On What Matters Most

Remember you are unique, that’s why you have found someone that loves you for you. Don’t feel pressured into spending money on something that just doesn’t matter to you both.

Knowing what’s important to YOU, is the key to navigating this crazy experience, whilst staying within budget.

And, while I’m all about you enjoying the perfect day of your dreams, surrounded by family and friends, there is one thing you really need to keep in the front of your mind……..

This is just one day of your journey together…just one small moment in time.

I know it feels like the most important day of your life but so many other great things will happen.

More To Life

From travelling the world, starting a family and meeting your baby for the first time. You may complete a degree or achieve the well-earned promotion…there are so many other things life will bring your way.

Don’t be the couple left with a huge debt that you will struggle to pay off. Those people that love you, will still love you whether you spend $80 or $20 on a bottle of wine.

Remember what really matters is having the chance to celebrate your love with those that mean the most to you!

Good luck and happy planning

Katie x