Well, “Welcome To The World Of Weddings”.

First things first, have a discussion with your partner about how you see this big event. Talking now, will make sure you are both on the same page as you move ahead into the planning stages.

Write down a vision for your day, something simple. A few key words will help you to understand each other’s needs. It will be a great reference point to keep you on track, and will give you clarity on what you’re working towards. Revisit your “vision” along the way to make sure your staying true to what you both value.

The Money Chat

Work out your budget! Dry and boring I know, and not quite as fluffy and fun as planning a wedding. But, a good conversation and some figures on paper at the beginning will fend off future arguments.

List your Priorities! For some, the most important part is the 150 family and friends present to share your day. For others, it may be the music or band of choice. Some see the dress as the most important, and then there is the food and alcohol…..the list goes on and everyone is different. Break the rules, don’t be afraid to do it your way.

Number your priorities in order and check back in with your list as you make decisions on where you spend your money. There will be trade-offs along the way and the list will help you be strong with your decisions.

Dream Venue

Choose your venue and book it in. Research wedding venues and make a short list. Make appointments and visit their wedding coordinator. This is a whole other topic we can get to on another day, but for now, in short, you need to ask yourself “is this the place for us?”

If can you see yourselves celebrating your special day here, if the price is right, you feel confident with the wedding coordinator that the venue provides and it ticks your priorities list, then do it. Book that venue and have champagne to celebrate!

Check back in with us in a few weeks’ time to read “How to choose your wedding venue”

Choosing a Ceremony venue may come before booking in your reception venue. But, if you haven’t done this already, start looking now.

I would recommend both venue’s being close to one another for your guest’s sake. Ultimately, it will cut down cost and it retains the flow of the day. If a church isn’t for you then maybe a park is more your thing. Some towns and cities have designated outdoor ceremony locations and you may need permission from council. I always recommend getting in touch with council as a courtesy. The last thing you want, is to find out you were “pipped at the post” by another couple on the day. OUCH!

Vendor Goodies

Vendors and suppliers, start searching and ask for recommendations. So, you have a date and a venue, now all you need is everything else… ARRG!! it’s okay, take a deep breath, your nearly there. Here’s a list of vendors you may need to book:-

  • Celebrant
  • Musicians for ceremony or reception
  • Photographer Videographer
  • Hair and Make up artist
  • Decorator for theming and styling
  • Florist
  • Stationary
  • Catering, if your venue allows for you to DIY and BYO
  • Cake

There’s nothing worse than hitting brick walls when you go to lock in your favourite vendor. Getting in early will make for a stress free process with lots of choice.

Book them in put them to one side until they need answers. Believe me, if you have chosen well and you have paid a deposit, they will contact you when they need information.

Now rest, get back to life and set up a Pinterest account.

Good luck and happy planning

Katie x